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Today it is possible to increase the volume of the breast by a simple medical treatment.
The breast, in its anatomy, is constituted by a central gland, which extends from the nipple and extends inside, and from adipose tissue that wraps the gland and plays an important action on the breast volume.
The loss of adipose tissue leads to the emptying of the breast with ptosis. Increasing the amount of fat tissue allows to regain the volume of the breast by bringing it back to normal.

AdipoGen-C is defined as the Metabolic Increase of Adipocytes Number.

In 2008 Professor J.Victor Garcia and Professor Maurizio Ceccarelli from Barcelona University developed a simple technique of stem cells enrichment in the Liposowing sampling area, using the physiology of fat. The technique was presented for the first time at the 2008 Biobridge Event in Geneva at the United Nations Palace in a Consensus Conference on Stem Cells.

The technique is based on the physiology of the adipose tissue. Fat is rich in stem cells for the need to accumulate energy from the adipose tissue, even in a state of hypertrophic adipocytes.

Physiologically, the accumulation of triglycerides causes an increase in cell volume for increase intradipocytic vacuolum. The adipocyte is able to increase its volume to collect energy in the form of triglycerides. But when its volume is very high (greater than 170% of normal volume) adipocyte stimulates the formation of new adipose tissue.

The stimulus to mitosis and differentiation of preadipocytes mainly results from the increase in
insulinemic rate for down regulation of the receptor in hypertrophic adipocyte and release of IGF-1. Thus, when the volume of the adipocyte exceeds 170% of normal, the perivasal fibrotic cells differ in adipoblasts which in turn become preadipocytes and adipocytes through the activation of fatty acid receptors.

Therefore, the proposed medical treatment is based on the stimulation of volumetric growth of adipocytes followed by the increase in the number of adipocytes.

The treatment is performed after a fat meal made by the patient. After 4 hours we have a high concentration of fatty acids circulating in the blood that, together with the injected solution, are used for the synthesis of triglycerides. The lipogenic solution induces, first, the increase in adipocyte volume, then, the multiplication and the differentiation of adipose stem cells, leading to an increase in the number of adipocytes.

The treatment is performed every 15 days for four sessions. Repeat if necessary.