Going from B cup to the C cup at Bellezza Clinic
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Going from B cup to the C cup at Bellezza Clinic

October 26, 2018 | Diane Jordan

As you might already know Bellezza Clinic is one of my favourite places in London if not in the World. It’s also one of my all time favourite collaborators. I have a massive amount of love for Sebastiano and Maria. I can’t thank them enough for not only for  boosting my outter beauty, but other fantastic personal experiences. I might discuss them later on. 

Today you might hear something you’ve heard before or maybe not. 

Lately I was getting more messages about my non surgical boob job and even my butt job, known as Adipogen C at Bellezza Clinic. 

I was glad to receive them as the genuine interest was triggered. 

In this blog post I will only discuss the breast augmentation. The peach will be left for the dessert. 

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Sebastiano Accaputo