By Cassie Thorpe - iamsoversailles.com


I hate myself. I’m 23, right, gravity has yet to take its toll, my body hasn’t all but given up on me quite yet but it still pisses me off sometimes. Look, obvs I don’t hate myself entirely (like my arse (genetic btw) and hair are doing ok), I just hate little bits of me. If I could sit my body down and give it a stern talking to I’d say:

“Listen here you little bitch, get yourself together. Yes I like a bit of McDonalds and yes sometimes (mostly) I don’t eat actual real meals and yes I only really eat vegetables when I go home and mum cooks them for me, but are you really going to play me like this!? And wtf is cellulite? Like wtf is that!? Apparently I’m to partially blame my mum for that, but also your general lack of circulation and DOING YOUR JOB PROPERLY. SORT 👏🏽 YOUR 👏🏽 SELF 👏🏽 OUT 👏🏽.”

…in a nutshell that’s what I’d say. There are some things that just don’t shift, annoying and irrelevant pockets of fat and cellulite, which need to die, so I was kindly invited to the Belezza clinic to try a carboxy treatment, which essentially murders the hell out of that damn curse.



Listen, I could go on and on on here about what the procedure involves but I won’t be able to do it as well as the DRs at the clinic so here’s a link to more info on the treatment.



So basically it involves being “injected” with CO2 in various places on the areas you want to whip into shape and get tight – what’s weird is that I could feel the gas move down my thighs, which is a weird sensation. On each leg I was maybe injected around 10-12 times, so it’s not the best treatment if you’re scared of needles but the needle is so tiny anyway that half the time I didn’t realise I was being injected (I was literally on my phone the whole time).

Around 3L of CO2 was introduced to my legs to force my body into self-spanxing itself, the area looks a little scary at the time with little bumps and reddening showing the CO2 disperse (looks worse than it feels).  It was uncomfortable in places but not painful and after the procedure I was fine to go ahead with my life as usual without any pain. For the following two days I could feel small aches in the areas I’d been injected but nothing painful. Oh and overall the whole procedure took about an hour for both legs to be done.



But after all this, does it actually work? Yes, my thighs feel tighter and I see less pesky cellulite – there’s not much left kicking about – a couple more treatments would sort me out I’m sure and I’ll have the legs of a Victoria’s Secret model (…almost). I wasn’t expecting to actually be able to visually see a difference but since I’ve been checking myself out in the mirror following my treatment – things have been looking a lot tighter.

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