Adipogen C review with @masnax

Instagram: @masnax

💙A HUGE THANK YOU TO @bellezzacliniclondon for my Non-surgical boobs & but enhancement. This treatment is know as Adopegen-C where glucose is injected to help create more fat cells in the targeted areas.

I have a full in-depth YouTube video(link in the bio) with before/after photos, my experience, how it works, price just everything you need to know! Feel free to check it out.😏

Why I opted for Adipogen-C: When I lost weight, I was very unhappy with how I lost a lot of volume in my breast/bum. But I never wanted to go under the knife so when I heard about Adipogen-C I was very intrigued with this less harmful procedure.

Disclaimer: I’m only promoting this in the light that this is an optional, more natural and non-surgical treatment for what is traditionally know as the boob job/but implants etc. I’m in no way shape or form saying people need to look a certain way. EVERY BODY IS BEAUTIFUL! 😘

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