Bellezza Clinic is run by Sebastiano and his wife Maria, both of whom are committed to excellence and making their clients happy.


 Sebastiano explains more about the philosophy behind this innovative clinic.“Here at Bellezza, we see the world and its people in all their beauteousness and named our clinic accordingly. The perception of aesthetics is innate in us. This is the reason Italian style is so popular worldwide. Our mission is to enhance our client’s natural form and help them achieve their most gorgeous and confident self.“During the individual consultations we provide, we advise on all appropriate options. We assess specific needs and make tailored recommendations. With deep care, we address the needs of our clients as a priority.”The world of beauty is constantly changing.

New treatments are developed and existing treatments are refined constantly, and as such clinics such as Bellezza have to develop accordingly, as Sebastiano discusses.“To ensure that we always offer the most cutting-edge treatments, at Bellezza Clinic, we make it our business to stay ahead of the game. We constantly assess new procedures and choose only those that deliver the best results for our clients. We aspire to help people reach ultimate beauty in its most natural, authentic form.“Currently, we offer a wide range of treatments including Botox, fillers, Mesobotox and rejuvenation peels.”

There are two locations; one clinic is in the prestigious central area of Oxford Street, the other is in West London, Chiswick.