The Monna Lisa Facial

This innovative skin treatment is a favourite amongst our clients in need of a youth and beauty boost before a special event. How it works: This treatments combination offers comprehensive skin rejuvenation. The process includes Carboxytherapy, plus Peels or Microneedling and Mesotherapy. It is a deep treatment that stimulates collagen production and brightens the skin. Results: This treatments combination delivers sensational visible results. Fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation are improved. The skin will be glowing after the treatment with a long lasting effect. Time: 60 minutes** Please note the above facial is not suitable for anyone pregnant, diabetic or on anticoagulants.

Monna Lisa (Carboxytherapy+Peel+Mesotherapy) 60 min .     £290

The Time Machine Facial

This treatment is the perfect solution if you are looking for an effective and quick way to refresh your aspect for a younger look. With a combination of 5 ml of Plasma Bio Filler, 1ml of Lips Filler and 1 area of Botulinum Toxins we will treat the most difficult areas including Under the Eyes, Cheek Bones, Nasolabial Lines, Jawline and you will immediately look at your younger self.

Time: 90 minutes ** Please note the above facials are not suitable for anyone pregnant, diabetic or on anticoagulants.

Time Machine Facial (5ml Bio Filler + 1ml Lips Filler + 1 area botox) 90 min       £590