Loss of elasticity and strength in vaginal tissue may occur for a number of reasons, including:

– Aging
– Smoking
– Obesity
– Childbirth
– Hysterectomy
– Surgery

These events replace the skin’s natural collagen with fibers that do not recoil or stretch properly. VagiLift Vaginal tightening with Carboxytherapy is a cosmetic procedure that restores the appearance and function of the vaginal area.

How is the procedure performed?

Vaginal Tightening with VagiLift carboxytherapy, is a minimal-invasive, non-surgical treatment to restore and to restructure vaginal tissue usually without the use of numbing creams.

Carboxytherapy treatment consists of 6 to 8 micro injections of carbon dioxide to be effected in the area to stimulate the growth of new capillaries in the tissues. This will result in a replenishment of blood supply, circulation improvement and, thereby, restoration of the tissue functions and increase of the amount of tissue in the treatment area.

Carboxytherapy is a lunchtime procedure that last 15-minute. Most patients report no pain and require no downtime after the procedure. Due to the CO2 gas effect, immediately after the treatment the area may appear swollen, but it will get back to normal within the following 30 minutes.

The effects of each treatment are cumulative. Depending on the gravity of the problem, six to ten weekly treatments are usually recommended. A once a month maintenance treatment is then recommended to maintain results.

Why choose Bellezza Clinic non-surgical vaginal tightening with VagiLift?

We specialize in treatments for women that improve overall life satisfaction. Our minimally invasive techniques allow women to enjoy the benefits of cosmetic procedures without the inconvenience of downtime and pain.

Patients who choose vaginal tightening with VagiLift enjoy several important benefits:

– A minimally invasive and painless 15-minute treatment
– No suggested recovery period
– Enhanced muscle tone, strength and elasticity of vaginal tissues
– Stronger sensation during intercourse with possible heightened orgasm.
– Better control over urinary incontinence
– Cosmetic appearance of the treated area, as tissues regain plumpness
– Vaginal functionality: better lubrication due to increased circulation to the area.
– Reduced dryness and irritation thanks to the improved circulation.

Vaginal tightening with VagiLift carboxytherapy requires no downtime, and patients can return to normal life immediately following the procedure.
VagiLift is the perfect alternative to extensive, invasive surgery to restore the youthful look and function of the vagina.

Preparing for Your Procedure

The VagiLift procedure is approximately 15 minutes, but patients can expect to spend 30 minutes in the office for the entire procedure. This minimal-invasive procedure requires no anaesthetic or numbing creams and is generally completely painless even if with the most sensitive patients an anaesthetic cream can be applied 30mins before the procedure.

Patients must have the desire for a tighter, more youthful-looking vagina in order to qualify for VagiLift. After meeting with our team, your appointment can be scheduled quickly and conveniently. Because every woman’s physique is different, your physician can discuss the optimal amount of treatments for your body.

What to Expect After the Procedure

One of the main benefits of vaginal tightening with VagiLift is the fact that there is no required downtime or recovery period after the procedure. Patients can return to work and daily life immediately. Sexual activity can be resumed in 4 hours. Patients can return to normal exercise within 4 hours.

With VagiLift, patients avoid the inconvenience of traditional surgical procedures but are still able to enjoy all the benefits that come from restoring vaginal tissue.

Choose Vaginal Tightening with VagiLift

After a course of treatment, patients notice a marked decrease in vaginal dryness and urinary stress incontinence. Long-term benefits of the procedure also include tightening and rejuvenation of vaginal tissues.