How Profhilo took media by storm!

Sebastiano Accaputo
January 3, 2024

Profhilo has revolutionised the world of aesthetics since it became available in 2013 to European customers.

Because of its efficacy and high safety profile, Profhilo triggered, since its introduction, an extreme interest both in the Aesthetic industry and Media.

Below you can read some examples of how a few magazines presented Profhilo to their readers.

Let’s start with an enthusiastic ELLE:

What Is Profhilo and Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

The whispered about injectable is beloved by celebrities and dermatologists who are impatient for it to arrive in the U.S.


PUBLISHED: APR 19, 2023 2:06 PM EST

“Dermatologists in the U.S. are salivating. “Profhilo is the skin technology I am most excited about for 2023,” says Daniel Belkin, MD, of New York City (also known as Martha Stewart’s dermatologist). Since last spring, some of his well-traveled patients have been asking about the new injectable, which has been widely available in Europe since 2016. Lord Gavin, celebrity facialist for Augustinus Bader, has urged his clients to travel to London to get it. Bird Bakery CEO Elizabeth Chambers, who is partly based in the Cayman Islands, told New York Magazine she swears by it. “It’s such a simple, low-tech item; we don’t have anything quite like it in the U.S.,” Belkin says. The bad news: It’s not available in America yet.”

Here is how British Vogue presents Profhilo:

Profhilo: Why Celebrities Are Going Crazy For The Skin-Boosting Tweakment


17 April 2022

“Ever wondered why celebrities possess an orb-like glow? It’s time to talk about Profhilo treatment. A hyaluronic acid treatment, Profhilo is the key to plump, juicy skin, and a deliciously hydrated complexion. Here’s everything you need to know about this season’s hottest tweakment. (…)”

The subtitle of Cosmopolitan says it all:

Here's everything you need to know about Profhilo

It’s the new injectable facial getting more buzz than Botox



“ … I'd just interviewed a handful of dermatologists for a skincare feature, all of whom raved about a treatment called Profhilo, dubbed "the injectable moisturiser." It involves having hyaluronic acid (a hydrating powerhouse) injected into the face, but before you ask, no, it’s not the same as fillers. (…) So, unlike fillers, Profhilo diffuses into the skin to boost your overall complexion rather than staying put in one area to fill creases or plump cheekbones or lips.”

Below instead a “honest” review from Glamour:

Cosmetic treatment Profhilo is being dubbed injectable skincare - here's our honest review

Inner glow.

By Lottie Winter

27 April 2021

“The revolutionary treatment is especially effective at treating those areas prone to laxity and sagging like the cheeks, neck, chest and décolletage. (…) But Profhilo isn’t just effective in the treatment of wrinkles and ageing skin – it also helps with radiance and hydration.(…) It took a few days before I started to notice any visible improvement, mainly because unlike dermal fillers, the body has to produce the skin-boosting ingredients itself, which understandably takes a while.

The radiance boost was like nothing I have experienced before from any number of creams, scrubs or serums– and it kept on getting better as my skin produced more and more collagen. (…)”

Profhilo is having an impact on men's care too. More and more men ask for treatments to keep their skin in order and slow down aging. Here is GQ about it:

The men with the world's glowiest skin don't apply moisturiser. They inject it

A new skincare cult worships at the altar of Profhilo: an injectable moisturiser they believe to be the holy grail of better skin, and an eternal glow. But is it worth it?

By Ashley Ogawa Clarke

12 April 2023

“And I am happy. At first, anyway. For a good few months after the treatment, my skin looks as close to saintly as it likely ever will. Waking up with fresh and bright skin becomes the norm, as if I’m fresh from a spa break every morning. I get used to the compliments, too. “You look like you have rich-person skin,” a friend tells me.”

And let’s finish with Harpers Bazaar:

Profhilo and other injectable 'skin boosters' explained

Injectable moisturiser? Here's what you need to know



“Lauded as 'injectable moisturisers', a new wave of hyaluronic acid fillers – including Profhilo – have formed a group of advanced aesthetic treatments known as 'skin boosters', which are currently soaring in popularity with both women and men. But, unlike typical dermal fillers, they're employed for hydration over volume, as Dr Wassim Taktouk, an aesthetic doctor specialising in such treatments, tells me.(…) Two sessions are required, around six weeks apart, and most people see the best results around three-to-four weeks after their second session, although I also noticed benefits after my first treatment. In my case these benefits did include a plumping of the skin – nothing like I imagine regular fillers might do to enhance my contours, but it granted a significant fuller-yet-tighter look nonetheless – as well as a smoothing of crêpiness and a youthful 'you look well!' glow.(…) I can see how it might become addictive.”