Oxy-Shape Fat Dissolving

Sebastiano Accaputo
July 7, 2023

Oxy-Shape Fat Dissolving

The use of Oxygen in Aesthetic Medicine is excellent when reserved to the Non Surgical Removal of excess of localised fat (oxygen clasis) How can we use oxygen to eliminate the hated fat pads and get the desired silhouette?

The increase in the concentration of O2 determined by the injection of Medical Oxygen in the oxygen-clasis technique, causes a destruction of the adipocytes with a consequent reduction in the volume of adipose tissue. Since oxygen is a substance with a weak tendency to dissolve in water and biological tissues are extremely rich in water, the infiltration of oxygen into the tissue through oxygenation leads to a localization at the point of introduction.

This gives us the total security that oxygenates are an absolutely safe therapy and does not create problems for noble tissues where we do not want to have aggression from the oxygen! Another very important thing to highlight about oxygen is that the production of free radicals occurs only inside the adipose cell (our target!) This allows a self-limitation of the damage destruction process because it stops with the desired elimination of the adipose cell.

The oxygen-clasis therefore arises as a modern and practical medical treatment for the Non Surgical reduction / elimination of fat pads without incurring the risks that we can find instead in surgical approaches. Simple, painless and absolutely tolerable and in line with the ever-increasing demand for a Natural Aesthetic Medicine, the oxygen-clasis offers the possibility of an excellent result in the destruction of adipose tissue without the use of a single drop of drug!