Sebastiano Accaputo
April 11, 2023

What Causes a Double Chin (causes and remedies)

The double chin is an accumulation of adipose tissue located between the neck and the chin. It is a feature that can be variable and gradually accentuated according to the subjects and in relation to the weight. This aesthetic imperfection can be caused by various factors including weight, heredity, aging and poor posture. For improving the look of the double chin, aesthetic medicine techniques and treatments are used as well as surgical solutions such as liposuction.


The presence of  double chin is normally associated with overweight people, however this trait can also be present in people of normal weight and fit. In fact, this condition can be the result of familiarity or a relaxation of the platysma muscle. It is a difficult trait to treat with diet and exercise and can be accentuated by sagging skin due to aging.

Since the neck is a very visible area of the body, imperfections, even minimal, are a cause of psychological discomfort. Precisely the centrality of the neck has increased the requests for intervention to eliminate the double chin. In recent years, traditional solutions have been joined by regenerative medicine capable of restoring a correct profile of the chin and neck without resorting to surgery.

What is the double chin?

The double chin is an excess of soft tissue that is concentrated between the chin and the neck, at the throat. The nature of the tissues is usually of the adipose type, with an excess of fat in the anterior region of the neck. Nonetheless, the double chin can be generated by an excess of skin that can be caused by skin aging or by relaxation of the platysma muscle.

Causes of double chin

The causes of double chin are many although they are commonly identified with being overweight. To the excessive presence of fat must be added other fairly common causes such as relaxation of the tissues or normal aging. Furthermore, the excessive use of tablets and smartphones has shown that posture is a further cause for the formation of the double chin. On the contrary, physical exercises can help relax the tissues in the area and restore skin tone.

The main causes of double chin are therefore:



Skin aging

Relaxation of the platysma muscle

Incorrect posture

Hormonal imbalances

Water retention

Double chin treatment

The solutions for the treatment of the double chin are numerous and may include the use of cosmeceuticals, specific physical exercise, aesthetic medicine treatments and actual surgeries. The use of cosmeceuticals is useful as a preventive exercise or for the treatment of minor conditions; it may be useful to apply creams based on collagen or elastin on the double chin: they have a toning effect on the epidermis and make it supple and well hydrated. This habit can be combined with specific gymnastic exercises for the neck and greater attention to posture when using smartphones and tablets.

On the aesthetic medicine front, the double chin can be effectively eliminated with treatments such as intralipolysis, radiofrequency and regenerative medicine protocols. Fillers also find application in the treatment of mild double chin with positive results. With regard to local intradermal injections for the destruction and reduction of fat cells, the use of deoxycholic acid (Aqualyx), or apoptosis with ascorbic acid, has reported positive results.

In summary, the ideal aesthetic medicine treatments for eliminating the double chin are:


Radio frequency


Regenerative medicine


Surgical solutions for the double chin

The more pronounced manifestations of double chin are, at times, refractory to aesthetic medicine treatments, so surgery is often necessary. This mainly involves liposuction interventions in order to eliminate fat deposits and neck lifting to eliminate excess skin and reposition the tissues.

Double chin exercises

An effective remedy consists in performing specific exercises that tend to make excess skin reabsorb. By becoming firmer and more elastic, the skin of the affected area can be returned to its natural position under the chin. The exercises should be performed for about ten minutes a day: the important thing is to maintain consistency and perseverance over time.

Exercise 1

Among the exercises for the double chin there is one which consists in bringing the tongue to the arch of the teeth and pressing against the gum, maintaining the position of the tongue itself for a few seconds. In this way, tension is guaranteed to both the mouth and neck muscles, toning them.

Exercise 2

Another remedy is to bring the head back and forth, breathing following the movement of the head. Once the neck is relaxed, look at the ceiling and cover the upper lip with the lower lip for about ten seconds, before returning the head to its natural position.

Exercise 3

Perform a kind of gymnastics by raising your head and keeping it under tension for a few seconds, with your back straight. Turn to look first at the right shoulder, then at the left, performing all movements slowly.